There are different kinds of sex toys and are of very much surprising. This sex toys are mainly made for male and female, so that they can use it. Also, there are sex toys, which can be classified as the martial aids or sex aids.




The male sex toys helps the men in erection and the female sex toys helps them to stimulate their female genital and thus making it more sensitive, to feel different like normal sex. There is other sex toy, which creates a different environment like sex variation, example orgy bed sheets. This helps the person suffering from unaided sex to receive the sexual satisfaction. Whereas there are sex toys, which stimulates directly to the female and male genitals, receiving the sexual satisfaction.


This sex toys helps you by providing you with new experience. So here we will discuss below the varieties of sex toys.



Vibrating Sex Toys


These are the most popularly known sex toys, helps in providing stimulation of

genitals, with the process of vibration. The clitoris is mainly stimulated, but can

also be used to stimulate the different parts of female body.


The shapes of such stimulators are like that of the pencil, but the width of the toy

is much thicker than that of a pencil. The machine mainly works on battery by

helping the motor to run. The controller and the battery pack are sometimes found

to be external and with the help of the wire, they are connected to vibrator.


The controller present with the vibrator helps to increase or decrease the power of the vibrator. This helps the machine to increase the strength and rate of the machine. This in turn affects the stimulating power present in the sex toys.


Other Sex Toys


There are sex toys, which helps in mechanical stimulation. These types of sex toys mainly depend on the motor and the advantage is that it changes its shape, providing a rotational movement. This back, forthor rotational movement are powered with the help of air pump than the motor. The movements present in the machine helps to create the tongues, mechanical liking, it helps in penetrating the mouth and vagina. Thus helping a man to get blow job.


Combination sex toys


The above are the moving, thrusting and vibrating sex toys. Here we will discuss about the very common combination of sex toy, which is known as the Rabbit style vibrator mainly made for the clitoral stimulation made by vaginal stimulation and vibration, with the help of thrusting motion and movement. There are sex toys, which have got different textures in the surface like vibrator or dildo, having soft spikes and ridges or rippled shape.





Sensation Sex toys


There are sex toy, which helps you to feel the sex other than the moving stimulation or remote vibrator. There are sleeves that can be put on the penis, for different sensation. Both the partners can use this while they are into the penetrative sex. This helps the partner receive or get the best comfort of sex.